Letter from Özgül Emre

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This letter was recently sent by Özgül Emre from Rohrbach Prison of Germany to her lawyer and translated from Turkish into English. Özgül is a revolutionary from Turkey who was arrested in Germany on 16th of May 2022 and is accused of being a member of a terrorist organisation. During the high point of revolutionary struggle of Turkey in 1990s, she worked as a journalist in Kurtuluş Magazine. As an exiled revolutionary in Germany, she worked in wide range of committees; from anti-drug committees to anti-racism committees. The attacks of German state didn’t stopped with this mafia like kidnapping. From the detention onward, they forced prison uniforms on Özgül Emre in Rohrbach prison. German state knows very well that Revolutionaries do NOT and NEVER wear prison uniforms. In 1984, 4 revolutionaries died as a result of hunger strike to oppose the introduction of prison uniforms in prisons of Turkey. Until this day, there is no prison uniforms thanks to 4 martyrs. Özgül Emre comes from this uncompromising tradition to keep up the identity, integrity and dignity of being a revolutionary. As the oppression to enforce prison uniforms is not enough, Rohrbach prison is tried to kill her with not supplying salt and sugar for the first 30 days of hunger strike. They only supplied one piece of sugar with tea every evening, which obviously is not enough. Without the supplements like salt and sugar in proper dose, it is very easy for a person die in hunger strike at any stage. Around the day 40, she got hospitalised and on 44th day of the hunger strike she won the struggle against the torturers and received her own clothes, luckily without any long term damage to her body. In this letter, she describes the torture methods of the prison authorities, who do not provide her with sanitary conditions and privacy.

“How are you doing? How are all our people? I am doing very well because of my determination of being righteous – despite the political and legal siege against me. The trial against me, as well as my imprisonment, are, from my point of view, unlawful and also contrary to the law. Although my place of residence is known and I had an appointment at a government office on the very day of my arrest, it was pretended that I could not be found, that I would never go to my apartment, and so I was kidnapped on the basis of lies in the street. The purpose was to make me look like the guilty. Because they could not have justified my arrest and pre-trial detention any other way. The trial against me could have taken place without pre-trial detention.

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Emir Karakum is on 96th day of Hunger Strike against Poor Treatment in Prison!

Emir Karakum, a revolutionary prisoner is on hunger strike for 96th day against poor treatment in prison. He has been imprisoned for 10 months on the false testimony of anonymous witnesses.  After his detention on December 3 2021, during İstanbul-based police raids, he was arrested at the Samsun Courthouse on December 6 2021 and was taken to the Samsun Type-T Prison. After starting a hunger strike there, he was transferred to the Bafra Type-T Prison. He was arrested for fighting for free, scientific and democratic education and for demanding justice. For 10 months he has been held in a solitary confinement cell in Bafra T Type prison. Every day he is subjected to psychological and physical violence by the prison guards. Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ says “there is no torture in prisons”, yet there is footage of Emir Karakum being tortured.

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Discussion Event: Long Live Our Death Fast Resistance!

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Yaşasın Ölüm Orucu Direnişimiz! (Long live our death fast resistance!)

Sunday, June 12 2022 at 4 pm, NewYorck at Bethanien

Discussion event: Death fast resistance as a means of political struggle “Our death fast resistance is the strongest form of expression of the struggle about independence and freedoms. And it will last…”

Sibel Balaç and Gökhan Yıldırım who are imprisoned in Turkish jails, have been on hunger strike since December 2021, which they have now converted into a death fast. Another revolutionary prisoner, Özgür Karakaya, has been on a hunger strike for 43 days against the usurpation of his right to bail. Özgül Emre, who is imprisoned in German jails, has been on indefinite hunger strike to protest the wearing of prison uniforms. In a hunger strike, one does not eat anything beside sugar and b12 supplements. In the case of death fast resistance, which means indefinite hunger strike, either the demands of one will be met, or the person will die from malnutrition. In political terms, death fast means: either justice or death!

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Freedom for Academician Nuriye Gülmen!

“We should be the ones who stare at the light, and to show the light to others. If we can not do anything, at least we should be a candle.”

Nuriye Gülmen was a research assistant at Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey. She is just one of the 7,915 university lecturers/workers who were fired from their jobs overnight by a decree-law issued under the state of emergency declared on 21 July 2016 by the fascist AKP government.

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[EN] We are Calling for Your Support to Our Campaign for the Freedom of Sick Prisoner Ali Osman Köse from the Prison of Fascism!

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Ali Osman Köse is a 65 years old socialist revolutionary with a severe case of cancer. He has been in prison for the last 38 years in Turkey and has been held in the solitary confinement conditions for the last 21 years. The cancer was diagnosed too late, as a result of the imprisonment conditions. Even if the cancerous kidney was removed, he has many other health problems. Also, it is not known if the cancer has a metastatic spread as the Forensic Medicine Institute didn’t yet give an approval for a PET filming. According to the article 16 of the Turkish Execution Law, he should be released for immediate treatment. However, authorities do not apply the rule of law, stripping away his right to live. The reason is obvious: Ali Osman Köse never bowed his head down to fascism and never renounced his political views. He is a strong representative of the tradition of the uncompromising ‘free prisoners’.

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Freedom to Ali Osman Köse, Freedom to Sick Prisoners!


Our client Ali Osman Köse is in prison for the last 37 years and is battling cancer caused by solitary confinement conditions. Cancer tissue first occurred in his kidney. But as of today probably, it spread all over to the adrenal glands, spleen, and pancreas. Tumor removal surgery is very critical at this point for the continuity of his life.

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